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Hello And Welcome

I see myself as a facilitator drawing  on my wide range of  training and experience over the past 13 years, to create a fusion of acupuncture, massage, reflexology, fitness, health and energy work. Although I treat a broad range of conditions I find it personally rewarding to offer pain management and relief from musculoskeletal conditions, including those caused by injury.


Acupuncture aims to provide the necessary support to create health by stimulating a person's own healing response, by regulating and balancing the body's healing system. This ancient system of healing enables you to address all aspects of your mental, emotional and physical health, so you can lead a healthy and active life whatever your age.



Ash Acupuncture - Sue Hough

Paul Jones

I was amazed it worked. I am now pain-free. Sue listened to what I had to say then got down to business sorting me out. She is friendly professional and over generous with her care and attention. I would recommend Sue to anyone.

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