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What can you expect?

At Our First Consultation

Allow 1hr 30 mins

£55  *See concessions


During that time I need to gain a complete and thorough understanding of your main complaint and general health. However, to ensure your personal treatment plan suits your needs, we will discuss all nature of things during your first session. Such as your personal and family medical history, sleep patterns, appetite, lifestyle, digestion and emotional well-being. You might feel that some questions appear unrelated to your condition but all this information is crucial if I am able to provide you with effective treatment for your condition.


Ongoing Treatment Sessions

Between 45- 60 mins.

£45  *See concessions


At your first and all subsequent consultations, I will take your pulse and examine your tongue.  By observing and listening to your body it provides me with an overall picture of your health and your medical condition.  This information highlights any underlying factors which you may not be aware of. To broaden my understanding further, I may also need to examine the site of your symptoms.


The number of treatments will vary between patients and is dependant on the condition. Once the condition improves, people often continue to have acupuncture once a month to support their overall health and wellbeing.


After Treatment


For optimum results, ideally give yourself a little time to rest after as you may feel a little tired or sleepy. It may also be advisable to refrain from vigorous exercise and avoid alcohol for several hours after a treatment.


You may find that several things gets better together alongside your main complaint!


Special Concessions are available for people on Income Support and Incapacity Benefit (with proof of entitlement and ID) on enquiry.


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